woensdag 2 oktober 2013

Hoooked Zpagetti Little Sheep pattern

Pattern for a lovely little sheep.
Created by  Eveline de Hollander

De Nederlandse beschrijving kun je hier vinden.

Finished measurements: approx. 20 cm tall, 30 cm long.

Used stitches (english)
Chain : ch
Single crochet : sc
Stitch : st

You need:
Yarn I used Hoooked Zpagetti (350 gram for 1 sheep)
Crochet needle (Hooked Zpagetti need nr 12)
Tapestry needle (large one)

Make a chain 13.
Row 1 : turn and start in 3th stitch , 11 sc, 1 ch, turn
Row 2 : into the first st; 2sc, 9sc in st, in the last st 2 sc, 1 ch,  turn
Row 3 -5 : 13 sc, 1 ch , turn
Row 6 : 13 sc, ch 11, turn
Row 7: skip 2 ch, 22sc, ch 11, turn.
Row 8 : skip  2 ch, 31 sc , ch 1,  turn.
Row 9 -11: 31 sc, ch 1, turn.
Row 12: 26 sc, ch, turn.
Row 13-17: 21sc, ch1, turn.
Row 18: 21 sc, ch 9, turn.
Row 19: skip ch 2, 26 sc, ch 7, turn.
Row 20: skip ch 2, 31 sc, ch 1, turn.
Row 21-22: 31 sc, ch1, turn.
Row 23: 16 sc. Fasten off

Close 4 legs. Fold the legs together. Sew head and back (create a little tail during sewing)
For the ears use a little yarn, beside the head :sew 3 rows together.
Stuff the legs, head and body.
Sew body, and you have finished your lovely sheep.

Happy crocheting,
I hope you enjoy creating your sheep.

EveLYn,  evehaakje.blogspot.nl

This is a free pattern for personal use only and not intended for commercial purposes. It is not allowed to copy or place it somewhere else without permission, you may lace a direct link. I always like to see the results of others! If you have pict's send me and I will show the results on my site. If you have any questions- just ask me by e-mail: eveholland@hotmail.nl

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  1. kei stoer schaap en dank je wel voor het patroon

    liefs jenneke

  2. Leuk gemaakt! Met dat garen krijgt het helemaal een mooi effect

  3. Leuk gedaan! Hij staat lekker stevig op zijn poten zo door de zpagetti. Dank je wel voor het meedoen met de link party!